Why is Martial Arts Good for Kids?

Many parents put their children in martial arts classes as a fun after-school activity, as a way to teach self-discipline and maybe even to work off some of that energy that we all know children seem to be brimming with. Karate classes and other martial arts classes are a positive way for kids to have fun and learn life-changing skills. Here we will examine the various reasons martial arts is good for kids.


I guess one of the obvious reasons martial arts is good for kids is that it teaches them to focus. They have to learn how to do basics and techniques, learn to do them right, focus their minds in the learning process, and become aware of themselves and how they do things. The learning of all this might be very subtle, they might not even be fully aware that they are learning these lessons, but the the lesson is sinking in regardless.

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Self-Esteem and Confidence

As the child becomes better able to focus, learns new skills and is more aware, they subsequently become more confident and feel better about themselves. This is a natural consequence of getting good at something that works your focus and that requires you to work on yourself and get better.


Not only do the kids work off some of that extra energy that all kids have, they learn to put it to good use; they focus it in a way that is positive, among people that are helping them get better. It’s a good lesson in cooperation and awareness that will last a lifetime.

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Improves Grades

Because kids learn self-discipline and focus, patience and hard work, while training at the Dojo, these attributes carry over at school. They know that hard work and focus, self-discipline, are important in achieving anything of substance and they begin to apply these principles where necessary in everyday life.

Discipline and Patience

It takes time and applied focus and hard work to achieve anything at the martial arts school. You learn that you won’t get anything without hard work and applying yourself. You have to wait, you have to work, it takes time to do anything, to improve, to reach goals, to attain something.  You learn the value of this hard work and patience, learned in the training hall.


There is a general improvement of awareness through martial arts training; you become aware of what you are doing, how you make errors and how to correct them, how you move and how to interact with others. Therefore, you begin to understand what it means to be aware and to learn from it. You begin to do it in other areas of life outside the Dojo.

why is martial arts good for kids

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Karate classes are fun and work off a lot of energy. At the same time, they teach children the value of self-discipline and applying themselves and that hard work and patience is what helps them achieve their goals.


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