Why is Martial Arts Good for Adults?

It seems to me that it would be accurate to say that most people deal with a good amount of stress. Depending on your circumstances, that statement is either a gross understatement or pinpoint accurate. In other words, we all deal with some amount of stress. We all must go to work, deal with issues at home that can be difficult and almost without exception we are looking for relief from these various sources of stress.

At the same time, we have certain inclinations and preferences. What I mean specifically, as far as the subject of this article goes, some of us like martial arts. We like the self defense aspect, the physical fitness aspect, the social aspect, the fun aspect; take your pick. Along these lines, practice of martial arts is an effective outlet and release for some people seeking a diversion from their everyday stress.

So, here I’m going to outline certain reasons why martial arts is good for adults.


We must go to work, whether we like it or not. We get up in the morning, go somewhere we might or might not like to go, stay there working for hours and then make it home to rest and maybe do nothing until it’s time to go to work the next day. A lot of things we do are not by choice, frazzle us and leave us tired from the inner and outer conflicts involved. Certainly a source for releasing pent up energy would be welcome.

For many, the martial arts offer this relief. You are using and directing that energy that is pent up in a good way in which you are learning among friends.

martial arts good for you

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Alternative to our Usual Sources of Relief

You go to work, your time is taken up earning a living, at the end of the day you are wondering what you can do for yourself. Typically, we seek out the nicest television, the coolest car or maybe a tasty meal; consumerism, by and large, has been used to compensate for what we are being deprived of. Well, a longer lasting and healthier alternative to these attempts at making up the difference for our need to do something other than work for boss, the rent and the family, is a good hard workout at the Dojo. It’s something we actually want to do, something that benefits us and isn’t for the sake of the corporation, spouse or kids. I am being blunt here, but I know it’s probably touching on something true for everyone. We’d like, for once, to do something for ourselves.


Martial arts training works the whole body, the muscles, gets air and blood flowing through the body and makes you feel good. You will get in shape and get stronger, more flexible and improve endurance. This, of course, carries over into the rest of your life, making things easier for you because you feel better physically. In fact, it clears the mind and helps you focus too. If you are stuck at a desk all day at the office, you’ll be craving this physical activity even more; in fact, you need it.


You Get to Play

Adults don’t often get to play. I think we still need to play as adults. We need to run around, make physical contact with others, enjoy ourselves among friends. At the Dojo (training hall) we spar with each other, which is a form of play. At the same time, we fulfill our human need for social contact with others. We make friendships and build an enduring social network.



So, clearly, martial arts has many benefits for adults, it’s good for your physical fitness, is fun and social and you learn self defense skills too. After all, you work to survive, for your family, for your needs, it just makes sense that you’d want the skills to fully protect that life you work so hard for.

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