What is martial arts math? It is the use of science and logic, and the use of understanding through awareness, to determine how to use the body effectively, and using mathematical principles as a tool for examining martial arts technique and sequence. It is the understanding that clear and direct perception can bring about a step-by-step, logical sequence to martial art technique.

Here are two relevant definitions of the term “mathematics”:


“…a broad-ranging field of study in which the properties and interactions of idealized objects are examined.” Wolfram MathWorld

“The abstract science which investigates deductively the conclusions implicit in the elementary conceptions of spatial and numerical relations, and which includes as its main divisions geometry, arithmetic, and algebra.” Oxford Dictionary


In martial arts math, we use those three divisions of mathematics–arithmetic, geometry, and algebra, as well as physics–as a framework for understanding the logic of martial arts.

It is understood that martial arts technique uses logical order, steps that create a whole: A beginning, middle, and end, and that the end of a technique could begin another technique, somewhat like a loop; there is defense, offense, and a finish, and the possibility of these three aspects of technique being combined invariably.  Many principles of geometry, arithmetic, algebra, and physics could be combined even in single moves, creating truly sophisticated technique.

It should be noted that moves can be single moves with multiplied and multiple effects. In this, many variables are considered, including effect on opponent and yourself, effective angles, and ways of generating power and leverage.

As the meaning of the term “algebra” is restoration–it is the bringing together of parts to make it whole–here we bring all of these principles together, coherently and logically, from an awareness of the whole.