Self Defense Against The Knockout Game

Evidently, it’s a new trend among teens in the US to come upon someone, who is particularly vulnerable, and to punch them in an effort to knock them out with one punch. They have targeted victims who are particularly vulnerable, like the elderly, and sometimes the result has been death. All it takes is for your head to hit the concrete, hard and in the wrong way, for you to be killed on impact. This game is cruel and deadly and should be taken seriously.

So, I have decided to put together some self-defense tips that will aid you in being aware and prepared to defend against the knockout game. I have been attacked in the street by such an attack, and I keep myself prepared and aware of such things whenever I go out into the streets. In addition, I’ve been training in martial arts for many years and have an arsenal of techniques and basics to draw from.

But one of your own best weapons is awareness. The more aware you are, the safer you will be. The point of the Knockout Game is to catch people off-guard. So, you must be ready. You must not be a victim.

So, here are 5 tips to keep you safe from the Knockout Game.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me!

This is a trick the predator uses. He gauges how close he can get to you to see how easy of a mark you are. At the very least, be aware of someone who is doing this. If you don’t know someone, it is unusual for them to be standing almost right up against you. Keep an eye out.

In fact, this happened to me recently at a liquor store. More on that later.

Who You Lookin’ At?

They are laughing to each other and motioning your way, obviously looking right at you. This is an indication that they have singled you out. There is no reason for them to make you the subject of their conversation and interest. Most people, when they are out, do their own thing with their group of friends. That they’ve suddenly taken an interest in you is a warning sign.

It’s All In The Eyes…And Attitude

Keep your head up, eyes on who you’re dealing with, back straight and use your peripheral vision. This just means, be aware and also don’t look like a victim. If it has already come to them targeting you, this is not the time to be polite. Look them in the eyes and be watchful. These creeps are looking for someone vulnerable, not someone aware and unafraid. If it looks like you’re formidable, they will at least think twice, if not change their minds.

Use An Equalizer

They are looking to have an advantage over you. They run in packs. It is wise to equalize the situation with a weapon. If you don’t carry one, that’s up to you. But you might have a weapon handy that you might not think is a weapon. You just went to the store for a bottle of soda (glass bottle). When you see they are trailing you, take the bottle out of the bag, hold it in your hand like you intend to hit somebody with it. Even just the sight of you holding that bottle like that will deter many cowards. If they are not deterred, you can smash one of them on the bridge of the nose with the bottle; this can cause the nose to break and bleed, the pain is unbearable, his eyes will water and make it hard for him to see; from there you can finish the job or run. Whichever seems more necessary.


You should be aware of some basic vulnerable targets on the attacker. The eyes, of course, are a soft target that are damaged and hurt easily; grabbing a handful of hair and sinking your thumb into the eye socket can be an overwhelming distraction to an aggressor. The point of attacking his targets is to get his mind thinking about something other than attacking you. Trying to deal with a thumb in his eye will do the trick. Or you can shoot your four fingers into his eyes or scratch and claw at his eyes. Again, this is not a time to be polite.

Of course, the groin is another vulnerable target. Driving a knee into the groin or kicking him in the groin with shin or instep will spasm the groin, potentially paralyze him and definitely distract him. Remember, such strikes as these might need to be done multiple times. Don’t be stingy.

Then you unleash the kick into the groin, using the instep, shin or ball of the foot.

The Take-away

As I said, I’ve been attacked in the street before. The first time it happened to me, this was back in the early 1980s, I was 11 and the 3 attackers were teenagers. My advice here that I’ve given you is largely based on that early experience I had being a victim to a violent crime. At that time, when I saw the attackers motioning my way, laughing and ultimately approaching me aggressively, I put my head down and just tried to avoid them. Big mistake. It is a mistake I’ll never forget. Next I knew I was hit hard in the jaw and on the ground recovering from being knocked out. Back then they didn’t have a name for The Knockout Game, but cruel unintelligent people played it nonetheless.

The other day, I took a walk to the liquor store in my neighborhood. When I was making my purchase, I paid for my items, grabbed them and turned to leave, and found a teenage kid standing way to close behind me. This was clue number one that I was being stalked and scoped out.

I left the store, he wasn’t far behind me and his friends were waiting outside. I looked at them straight in the eyes. They would not have a victim today. They looked, laughed, the whole bit.

They were following me up the street immediately. I was keenly aware of this, looking behind me as they continued to laugh to each other and look at me.

I had a glass bottle of soda in my bag. I took it out and held it like I was going to smash it in someone’s face. I looked back at the kids and they started looking down, trying to avoid eye contact.

I made sure I didn’t take the alleyway home, I navigated to a busy street where predators don’t like to be seen by the public, witnesses, victimizing their targets. I could feel the bad energy leave and when I looked back again, they were gone.

What I’ve given you is sound advice. How you use it is up to you. The important part is to be aware. Not paranoid, but observant. Look at what people are doing. Keep your head up and eyes open.

And stay safe.

This Video Includes Very Sound Advice on Dealing With the Knockout Game

Featured Image: Stepan Mazurov, Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

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