Most Effective Strikes

The point of striking arts’ use of strikes is to cause maximum damage to the opponent and minimum or no damage to yourself. Therefore it is wise to understand which strikes effectively do damage to your attacker but will not hurt you.

Understand that hitting someone with your fist could potentially damage your hand, especially if done sloppily. It’s not too unusual for fist fights to end with the winner having broken bones in his hand or a tooth dug into his skin.

Therefore, partly we will be focusing on strikes here that will less likely cause so much damage to you when you use them but are hard weapons that are certain to have a heavy impact on your adversary.

Head Butt

The head is hard. Particularly the top part towards the back; not the very top or front of the head, but the part towards the back on top. It’s much harder than a nose, that’s for sure. You could definitely knock somebody out with a strong head butt to the face. And you are unlikely to hurt your head on his nose.



The elbow is a good, compact weapon, very good for close quarters. It’s hard and does heavy damage.



The knee is another hard weapon. Shoot one up into the groin and give him another to the face when he bends over and you’ll see how effective it is. Hard and quick, very good short range weapon.


Thumbs and Fingers into the Eyes

It doesn’t take much to damage to the eyes and it can distract or disable an opponent to jam your fingers or thumbs into his eyes. It could buy you time or end a fight.


Heel Palm

As far as the hand goes, the heel of the palm is one of your best weapons; it has no give and no little bones that could break like the fist does. Punching with the fist could potentially break the little bones of your hand and even damage the wrist; not so with a well placed heel palm strike.

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Front Kick to the Groin

As you might already know, the groin is a soft target that doesn’t need that much impact to it to make you feel like crying and running home to mommy. So a good front kick to the groin is very effective. It’s a low kick so you don’t have to worry about being on one foot too long or losing balance. A good quick shot to the groin can do wonders.

Then you unleash the kick into the groin, using the instep, shin or ball of the foot.

Then you unleash the kick into the groin, using the instep, shin or ball of the foot.

Foot Stomp

Like the hand, the bones in the feet are small and break easily. It’s no secret dropping something heavy on the foot and toes is painful. Dropping down with your heel onto someone’s foot with all your weight is definitely going to be painful for him.


This tactic is old as the hills. He tries to choke you, bite his arm. The teeth, the human bite, is strong and deadly. It is animal instinct to bite, or use whatever you got, when you are in danger by being attacked by someone.


So, there you have it. Hard, strong weapons to soft vulnerable targets are most efficient.

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