Martial Arts Shoes with Arch Support

Basically, when training in martial arts, you want a shoe that is light-weight and allows for flexibility, for ease of movement. But you do want it to be durable and sturdy. Along these lines, you might even want one with added support for the foot, especially if you have problems with your feet. Unfortunately, most martial arts shoes are built so light-weight and so in tune with flexibility, they lack support; in particular, most of them have no arch supports.

The Adidas Adiluxe martial arts shoe is one of the few of its kind that actually has arch support. It has Adidas’ famous 3-part torsion system; basically this system allows free movement of front-foot and rear-foot but supports the mid-foot. This allows necessary freedom of movement without letting the arch move in a,possibly, injurious way.

This shoe is light-weight, stretches to conform to your foot and is well-constructed and durable. Like the typical Adidas product, it is also very stylish.


You might want to consider getting a very good, light-weight well-constructed cross-trainer shoe; it is a pretty good fit for the martial artist, being light and easy for versatile movement, designed to work in a variety of activities.

Therefore, you could try the Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4, a very light-weight and comfortable shoe, practically designed for the martial artist. It offers a very significant amount of support for the foot, especially considering it’s such a light-weight shoe. It is perfect for many different kinds of training, from weight training to cardio and running, and, of course, for martial arts.


If you’d like even better support for the foot, and don’t mind sacrificing in terms of the weight of the shoe, the slightly heavier Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is a good choice. Though this shoe is still a very light-weight product. Arch supports on these shoes are superb.


Understanding that the ideal martial arts shoe should be light-weight and flexible, allowing freedom of movement, you will have to weigh your options in terms of support, weight and movement. These choices of shoe presented here are all very good, each with their own advantages and are high quality footwear great for martial arts training.

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