Martial Arts Equipment | Striking Pads

With a striking pad you want to use one that offers resistance to your strikes so you can get maximum development of your technique and you also want a pad that offers protection for the person holding the pad for you while you pound away with your strikes and kicks. The Hayabusa Ikusa Thai Pad is an excellent product with thick reinforced padding and inserts for holding the pad that are durable and strong; it also offers an excellent substantial and curved surface area for full coverage of your strikes.

For developing your focus, speed and explosiveness, focus mitts are a great tool and the RDX Boxing/MMA Focus Mitts are a smart choice. These mitts are curved to conform to your strikes and punches, are light but durable and fit and feel natural on the hands. These are amazing mitts for working on your power, speed and accuracy.

So for developing your power and strength, speed and accuracy and explosiveness, these pads from Hayabusa Ikusa are top quality and effective for your martial arts training to make you a powerful and effective fighter.

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