Why is Martial Arts an Art and Called Martial Arts?

The meaning of that word art is to put things in their proper place. The writer writes the correct words in the right order in the right way. The painter uses the proper colors placed in the right location with the right strokes.

The martial artist does the same thing.

The martial artist uses the correct weapon to the proper target, executed correctly, at the right time, in relationship to the position of another.

The martial artist has an understanding of distance and time, is able to discern possible moves from specific positions and ranges, and times them skillfully for a desired effect.

The martial artist understands how to build momentum and how to use torque, how to use body mechanics, how to move the body to generate power and create leverage, in relation to the position and movement of an opponent. The martial artist positions body parts and the whole body in relation to the opponent to pull off technique. The martial artist’s view is whole, must see the whole picture.

The martial artist is fluid, is able to operate spontaneously, and beautifully executes technique from the knowledge reservoir that is built into his physical and mental structure, built into his muscles, built into neural-pathways of the brain and nerves.

The martial artist has worked on attributes, developed them, has developed brain and body, developed hand and eye coordination, and is able to use these skills and attributes in complex operations of movement and action.

The martial artist puts body, limb, and mind in the right place, at the right time, in the right way in relation to the aggressor’s position and actions and reactions.This fighting artist is able to discern, with a keen awareness, what is or is not essential and, so, knows what to do, when and how.

The martial artist is an artist.

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