How to Throw a Powerful Punch

Obviously for a punch to be effective it must have power behind it. To throw a powerful punch, you’ll need to know what ingredients go into a strong blow.

There are essentially three ingredients to a powerful punch. These are:

  1. A base
  2. Travel
  3. Body mechanics

Here we go into detail about these three elements and how and why they work for delivering a heavy blow.

Travel and body mechanics are primary ingredients for throwing a powerful punch.


A base gives you leverage, backs up technique, is necessary for such simple things as sawing a board or pushing objects. If you have no base, you get knocked back, not your opponent. You just won’t have anything to back up the punch. You want that punch to go deep into the adversary, not knock you back when you hit him.

So, obviously you need a decent stance, one that gives you mobility but also makes you solid.



Clearly, you must have travel on that punch for it to have more power. The more momentum it builds, the stronger its impact. Just like a car traveling quickly a significant distance is going to do more damage than one that just travels an inch and dents the car in front of it. Travel is a necessary element for a powerful punch.


Body Mechanics

So, you’re going to have to use more than just your arm to derive any power for that punch. You have to use your whole body weight, muscles in your legs and hips, you have to turn your body into it, or drop your weight into a downward punch, or move your body forward as you punch, to get maximum effect of your whole body into that blow.


So, those are the crucial elements to a strong punch. You need a good base to work from, a lot of travel (this is why boxers put their strong hand in the rear, by the way) and you must use your body efficiently; meaning you must use body mechanics, put your weight and body into those blows.

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