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At this point in MMA history it seems obvious that it is advantageous to be skilled at striking. Some fighters – like Chuck Liddell, Machida and Anderson Silva – have won fights with strikes. While they do have some grappling skills – at least enough to defend against a take-down – they are primarily good strikers. For that matter, grapplers have a decent advantage if they are also good strikers. Suffice it to say, you should be a well-rounded fighter if you are doing MMA.

So, instruction in striking is essential for the MMA fighter, whether it is your preference or not. Here we look at the best instructional DVDs for striking in MMA.

Striking Combos for MMA with Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is no doubt a skilled striker; he pulls off some weird but effective techniques in the Octagon, including elbow knockouts and the infamous front kick knockout. Everyone wonders how he does it.

He lays out, in simple straight-terms and instruction how to become a skilled striker in this DVD. He teaches you effective combinations and how to fight orthodox and southpaw; how to go on the attack and how to counter. In this DVD you’ll received very focused instruction, step by step and shown slowly so you can perfect form.



Duke Roufus Muay Thai Instructional DVDs

Duke Roufus’ instructional DVDs on Muay Thai are highly respected by a broad swath of people training in MMA. He provides detailed instruction on footwork and why footwork is used in certain ways; Roufus covers technique with great depth with thorough explanations for why moves, footwork and technique are done the way that they are done, and he provides a diversity of techniques as options that can be used if necessary. He covers combinations, strategy, setting up technique, and defenses and counters.

best mma striking dvd


Rob Kaman’s Muay Thai Kickboxing

If you’ve ever seen Rob Kaman fight, you know you don’t want to be on the receiving end of one of his kicks or punches. The man definitely knows how to strike, kick and punch. Fortunately for those training in MMA, he has very good instructional videos on Muay Thai.




These three DVD sets are all good for learning basics, form, counters, combinations, strategies, footwork, and defense and offense.

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